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ATIW-Facing One of My Greatest Fears

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  ATIW-Facing One of My Greatest Fears Kayaking down the Selway River in central Idaho.  We were the first descent this year and were faced with some very interesting challenges. Ice, snow, elk, deer, and deadly rapids.  Enjoy!

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ATIW-A Six Wheeled Gift From God Part Two


Part two of an epic cross-country ski, river kayak trip with one of my best friends Joel Kramer. On this trip Joel and I were the first descent winners for the year and had an eventful experience that I re-tell in vivid detail. I am still amazed at the gift we received that allowed us…

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ATIW- A Six Wheeled Gift From God


Another true story of an epic adventure my friend and I completed years ago.  The six wheeled gift from God helped us in ways we couldn’t have planned.  The setting is in central Idaho on the Selway River which flows through the Frank Church Wilderness.

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