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ATIW-Climbing The Matterhorn

Screenshot 2017-06-02 16.18.05

ATIW-Climbing The Matterhorn This is a recollection of my epic climb of the Matterhorn in Switzerland.  What was suppose to be a 2 day climb ended of taking 14 days to complete.  I tell the story in detail.

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ATIW- Skeletons, Bribery, and Banana Trees in Saudi Arabia


  Another story that takes place in Saudi Arabia. Sharon and I visit an abandoned village at the base of a 500 foot cliff.  We have to down climb the cliff which is an interesting part of the story.  The bribery part is what was done to get my bride to join me. I hope…

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ATIW Surviving A Harrowing Night On The Grand Teton

The Grand Tetons

ATIW  Surviving A Harrowing Night On The Grand Teton This is another true story about a memorable climb of the Grand Teton that provided several life changing opportunities to get it wrong. Hope you enjoy the stories as I have many more to share.

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