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ATIW-Facing One of My Greatest Fears

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  ATIW-Facing One of My Greatest Fears Kayaking down the Selway River in central Idaho.  We were the first descent this year and were faced with some very interesting challenges. Ice, snow, elk, deer, and deadly rapids.  Enjoy!

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100 Things A Boy Needs To Learn Part 1

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100 Things A Boy Needs To Learn Part 1 We will be covering Four Basic Areas Skills Personal/Interpersonal Skills Core Values Masculine Spirituality This are the basics you need to teach experientially to prepare your son to be an adult male. These skills will save you son money, time, frustrations, marital discord, and more. Part…

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ATIW-Billy Goat Gruff In Austria

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ATIW-Billy Goat Gruff In Austria This is a story of an epic 5 day hike in the Stubai  Alps of Austria. We stayed in beautiful huts that had amazing European food, feather beds, and cold showers.  We stayed in three different Huts that were amazing structures at the head of large valley. All of the hike…

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Canoe Adventure in Northern British Columbia

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Myrtle Lake, British Columbia, Canada A canoe adventure in northern British Columbia, Canada. Mrytle Lake is the largest non motorized lake in North America.  This was a four day adventure where we encounter bare women and bears. The sound of Loons filled the summer night as we had the lake to ourselves.

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10 Things I Wished My Father Had Taught Me

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10 Things I Wished My Father Had Taught Me This is the first in a series on 100 things your boy should know how to do before he leaves home.  I begin by sharing personally the top ten things my father did not teach me as a boy. If I would have learned these things…

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