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There are a number of ways you can connect with me. Obviously I am a Podcaster, Blogger, Author, and Public Speaker.

Check out the following ways to connect:

1.  You can listen to my weekly podcast 936 Weeks to Manhood on Stitcher, and iTunes.

2. I write a weekly blog that covers all aspects of raising a boy so he knows exactly what it means to be man and hopefully when he becomes one. My goal is to equip and inform parents, mentors, and grandparents of things that will help them as they raise a boy. Visit my blog

3. I do one on one coaching with people who want help with a boy or help designing a rite of passage into manhood.  You can email me at to discuss your needs and the services I can offer.

4. You can ask me a question via the button located on the right hand side of the screen. I will be make every effort to respond to your questions.

5. You can connect with me on Twitter @evanhanson.

6. My 936 Weeks To Manhood page on Facebook

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100 Episodes About Raising A Boy To Become A Man

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