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Leading The Way

Using Real Life Experiences
to Build Character in a Boys Life.

Building character in a boy's life is an ongoing process with parents, grandparents, and mentors. This book uses a collection of true stories to highlight how real life experiences provide golden opportunities to teach character. Life hands us countless opportunities to teach in the form experiences that happen without planning. Boys learn best by doing so why not use naturally occurring events in his life to teach him the skills that he will use his entire life. My son and I completed an epic adventure of climbing 28 mountains in 150 days which was a record for a 13 year old boy. Within the experience I not only forged a very strong relationship with my son but also took advantage of opportunities that adventure provides to teach other skills. This book is for parents, mentors, and grandparents who are looking for ways to actively prepare the boy in their life for eventual manhood.

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