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Five Lessons a Dog Named Hoss Taught Me about God

Boys and Dog

Boys and Dog

Five Lessons a Dog Named Hoss Taught Me about God

When I was a junior high-school, my neighbor, Joe, asked if I could take care of his dog, Hoss, for two weeks while he and his wife went on a vacation. I was reluctant at first because Hoss and I had developed a mutual distain for each other since I moved in next door.

Hoss was a mongrel dog that looked like a walking black and grey shag carpet remnant. He was not only ugly, but was downright unfriendly to everybody except Joe. Hoss loved Joe and never seemed to leave his side. Never the less, I agreed to at least feed the dog.

God Wants a Relationship with Me

The first couple of days when I entered the backyard to feed Hoss, I never saw him, but I was sure he was there because the food would disappear each day.

Slowly, over time, Hoss started to show himself and come closer and closer as I fed him. Maybe he was just lonely or had decided I was a safe human. Then as I came through the gate one day, he surprised me, wagged his tail, and nuzzled my hand for me to pet him.

God Wants to Be With Me Every Day

By the end of the two weeks, Hoss and I were best buddies, and he wanted to be with me every day, even when I wasn’t feeding him. I felt special to be chosen by Hoss to be his friend. For the first time in my life, I felt truly loved and wanted.

One morning, as I walked to the school bus stop, I whistled at Hoss as I passed by his yard. Suddenly, I heard the fence gate rattle as he climbed over it to come and greet me! His whole body was wagging as he nuzzled my hand.

From then on, Hoss would join me every morning as I walked the 3 blocks to the bus stop. He would wait there with me until the bus came, then I would send him home. I really looked forward to being greeted with such happiness every day.

God Waits Patiently For Me

Then one day when I stepped off the bus after school, the most amazing thing happened. Hoss suddenly appeared from nowhere to greet me. A lady who lived nearby later told me, “That black dog seems to show up every afternoon, just before the bus comes, to wait for you”.

That was crazy! My dog, my friend, knew what time the bus would come back and found a safe place to wait for me so we could spend time together.

God Loves Me Even When I Ignore Him

One day, I was angry because my baseball team had lost the game because of a mistake I made. As I stepped off the bus, I was still so deflated; I didn’t even acknowledge my faithful friend who was waiting for me.

I walked home slowly, with my head down, wallowing in my frustration. Hoss followed quietly like a shadow and seemed to know I couldn’t pet him just then. He still wanted to be with me even though I was angry and sad.

Dogs, like God, Love Unconditionally

I still thank God for the gift of love and companionship Hoss gave to me at that time in my life when I needed to feel loved and wanted. When you are a young boy, God can be really hard to understand. Having a dog can be a great opportunity to show your son how God loves us, just like Hoss showed me.

What are some of the greatest lessons you learned about God from a pet?

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