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Nine Out of Ten Boys Will Get Into a Fight

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When my son was five years old, he came into the house crying. After viewing the battle damage I found out another boy had hit him several times with an oversized plastic bat. They were play fighting till it got out of hand. After I dried his eyes, I asked him why Joey has solved their disagreement…

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10 Common Mistakes When Disciplining Your Son


One of the most difficult aspects of parenting is disciplining your child. That is why it is critical to have a solid strategy in place BEFORE the need for discipline arises. There are plenty of great websites available to  learn more about discipline. In my experience as a parent and as a Marriage and Family Therapist,…

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Testosterone is The Driving Force in a Boy’s Life


  Testosterone is The Driving Force in a Boy’s Life Every parent needs to understand that testosterone is the driving force in a boy’s life. Too often first time parents are surprised or become frustrated with the hormonal changes that predictably happen in every boy. I often hear mothers report that something happened around four…

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