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The Dirty Dozen: Negative Trends Specific To Boys



Are there negative trends specific to boys?

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

The short answer is yes.  And every parent should be aware of these statistics and trends. It is not often that I will write about negative point of views when it comes to preparing a boy to become a man.  However, I just came across a list I created called:

The Dirty Dozen, Negative Trends Affecting Boys.

1. There is a 57 per cent chance you son will complete a college degree in 6 years. Students who go to college part time have an 8 per cent chance of completing their degree.

2. Single mothers raising sons without significant male influence have a 32 per cent higher probability of their sons entering the juvenile justice system than boys from two parent families.

3. Over 90 per cent of all disciplinary actions in school are directed at boys.

4. 90 per cent of school age children on stimulant drugs for hyperactivity are boys.

5. Boys lag behind in reading ability an average of two to three years in school.  The number one predictor of a boys future success is his reading ability in the 4th grade.

6. Boys currently are spending an average of 8.5 hours per day on technology devices (smartphone, ipad, computer, TV, computer games).

7. Less than 40 per cent of boys will grow up with their biological father present throughout their childhood.

8. The average age today for a boy to be exposed to pornography is 5 years old. The smartphone is the easiest way to for the pornography industry to connect with your son.

9. Computer games and pornography have the same chemical affect on a boy’s brain. Boys addicted to computer games have no interest in heterosexual relationships.

10. The average age for boys leaving home is 24.7 yrs.

11. Boys have an 80 per cent change of living in poverty if: 1) They do not complete high school, 2) Marry before age 20, and 3) Have children out of wedlock.

12. Boys who begin to drink alcohol before age 15 have a 5 times greater chance of becoming an alcoholic in their adult lives.

Pretty grime list isn’t it?

Aware and active parents can avoid most if not all of the above negative trends in boys lives.

Remember: You don’t have to be a perfect parent to be a perfectly good parent. Boys need active and present parents or male mentors to negotiate the mine field of childhood challenges.


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