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Curiosity: And How I Learned First Hand How Chickens Lay Eggs

Boy hugging chicken

This is a personal story about how I learned first hand how chickens lay eggs and fueled my curiosity about learning

When I was eight years old our family took a trip to my uncle’s farm where my dad grew up. I had never been to a farm and was excited to see cows, chickens, and whatever else farm life had to offer.

Our first morning at the farm my uncle asked me if I wanted to go with him to the barn to feed the bull and to the chicken hut to collect eggs?  Since my brothers and sisters were still sleeping I was the only kid on the tour.

When we went inside the big, old, and very dark barn, I couldn’t see anything, but I could smell fresh cow poo and heard something really big breathing in the corner. I soon discovered it was a big black bull as my eyes adjusted! Wow! I quickly learned not to get too close or there would be problems according to my uncle.

After throwing some hay over the railing to the bull we were off to the chicken hut. As my uncle opened the door he showed me where to look for eggs in the little boxes he called nests. We found 4 brown eggs which I got to carry back to the house. I was so excited to show my parents what I found! 

I liked being a Farmer

The whole day my brother and I were able to explore and roam around and just be farm kids.  Living in suburbia was boring compared to a farm.

My curiosity was going crazy as I explored. How does this work, why does cow poo steam and smell so bad? So many questions going through my head each day as I explored this new world.

But the most amazing thing happened when I went to the chicken hut to collect eggs by myself. Two of the chickens wouldn’t leave their nests so I could check for eggs. When I told my uncle he said I should go back and reach my hand under the hens and feel around for eggs. “They won’t hurt you.” he said.

I hustled back to the hut and promptly stuck my hand under the not budging hen. It was so warm but there were no eggs. While my hand was under the hen I wondered where the eggs really come from? As I turned my hand up to feel the chicken’s belly, instantly a very warm brown egg was delivered into my hand!

An Egg in The Hand

Amazing!  You would have thought I won the lottery I was so excited.

The moral of this true story is that curiosity is something you need to nurture, and encourage in a boy’s life.

Uncle Ernie encouraged my natural curiosity is such a simple way. “Go back and reach under the hen.” He know it wouldn’t hurt me to satisfy my curiosity. Positive Psychologists list the attribute of curiosity as one of the top five important things happy people have in their lives.

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