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The Dirty Dozen: Negative Trends Specific To Boys


Are there negative trends specific to boys? Ignorance is NOT Bliss The short answer is yes.  And every parent should be aware of these statistics and trends. It is not often that I will write about negative point of views when it comes to preparing a boy to become a man.  However, I just came…

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Five Ways To Teach Your Son About Forgiveness

Forgiveness, Boys Hugging

“I forgive you, Dad”, was my son’s response when I asked to talk with him. “I haven’t even told you what I am going to say,” I said. “You don’t have to tell me Dad. I’ve already forgiven you.” Wow! In my son’s life, I have had plenty of opportunities to ask him for forgiveness.…

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Can Boredom Be A Good Thing For Your Son?


Can boredom really be a good thing for your son? Learning to deal with boredom is a skill that every boy must learn through experience. As frustrating as it might be for you as a parent, your son will get better with practice. Every boy will be confronted sooner or later with unstructured time that creates…

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