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Welcome to 936 Weeks to Manhood


My name is Evan Hanson and I am the host for 936 Weeks to Manhood Podcast.  I look forward to sharing with you tools and resources that will help you raise a boy who will become a man.

I have been passionate about helping parents, mentors, and grandparents who have boys they want to prepare to become good men.  I am a Christian, and a father to a son.  You will hear about my faith in God and references to his design for us as men throughout the podcasts. I promise never to preach but help you understand God's design for us as men.

Someone once said, "A boy without direction and intentional influence is like an adventurer without a compass."  I want my listeners to be the winners as they try to actively and strategically prepare their boys who will become our future men.

Throughout the podcasts I will share personal and true life stories that will help bring to life my struggles and victories as I raised my son to be a man.  I want to provide both practical and realistic insight that will make your job easier as you work with your boy. I made plenty of mistakes as I raised my son, but I also believe my wife and I did a lot of good things we will share with you.

My Biography

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist and have been in private practice for the last 25 years. My focus and passion has always been on men’s issues and raising boys. I am a former Survival Instructor in the Air Force, and have taught Arctic survival in Alaska, and Desert Survival in Saudi Arabia. I am the founder and visionary for a  men’s ministry called Wild Hope Legacy which is an active community for men who want to become real men of God. I am an author of two books entitled: Two Journeys to Manhood and Minding Your Own Business. I have taught outdoor education and communication courses at Eastern Washington University and Weber State University. I also am a Public Speaker/Teacher, and Life Coach.

I am married to Sharon for the last 43 years and have one son who is currently serving in the US Air Force.

In my free time, I like to hike, garden, geo-cache, travel, and train dogs. My one major claims to fame is climbing both the Matterhorn in Switzerland and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Kenya within seven days. I have travelled the world and had the opportunity to experience countless wild and crazy adventures which I will doubtlessly talk about in the podcasts. I am a member of River Valley Community Church and active in the small group ministry. I currently live outside of Grants Pass, Oregon.

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